6L6 Monster Philco Reverb combo amp

Super sound from push pull 6L6 tubes

Built in a Vintage Philco Radio cabinet with a 15" Jensen speaker.

1 of a kind amp with a deep rich reverb.

LED 6L6 display intergrated into the original tuning dial window.

​This is my finest creation. Everyone that plays it, wants it!

Great for your Family Room! Yours for $1200

D-Lab's new 6G12 Princeton 6V6 Tube amp

Introducing: The 6V6 Cathedra, 5watt, Class A amp!

​This is a Combo amp, internal 8" speaker.

Unplug the internal speaker and run external 4 or 8 Ohm speaker

Super sound from this Monster! Measures approx 10w x 10h x 7d"

Built in a Vintage wood speaker cabinet.

Utilizing all NOS USA tubes. Pre-amp modeled after the early Gibsons, 6SL7.

​Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Master. Dual rectifier mode/power switch.

Great for recording! 


​IronWood Vintage UP Michigan Theme Amps

​New Theme amp, Ready!, The Cathedra, 6V6 Combo amp

Introducing: The 6K6 Killa-watt Firestone Radio Head.

Super sound from parallel Class A 6K6 tubes

Built in a customized 1942 Firestone Radio cabinet.

1 of a kind amp. Your friends will love seeing it in action!

Dual mode power switch, Tube or diode rectifier selection.

Great for recording! Yours for $369.00

Don't let the price fool you, this is a great sounding little amp.

Approx 8 watts, super quite. Choke input power supply.

​You wont find another amp built like this!

Unique design, incorporating my Opti-Plex circuit
Classic Tone Upgraded Power tranny
Approx 18 watts, Class AB, Push pull
Mercury Magnetics output tranny
Vintage 6V6 NOS tubes
5AR4 (GZ34) rectifier tube
Watts Tube Audio eyelet circuit board
12AT7 Inverter, Jan Sylvania
Fender cabinet
12" speaker (Fender)
Comes with cover
Based on the Fender 6G12 Princeton amp design
Note: This cabinet was a Fender Sidekick 35 in it's past life.
Of course, I removed the crap solid state and re-purposed it.
There is some scratched in ID info from the past owner on the cabinet rear and inside of the cover. That is just part of it's character.
The circuit is rock solid and will blow you away with its response. I worked many hours on this project. You will be thrilled. 

Price: $700.00

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